A Photograph Of Me

I am a Ph.D. student in the Human-Centered Computing Program in the Information Systems Department at UMBC.  I am advised by Dr. Amy Hurst and am a member of the Prototyping and Design Lab which is part of the Interactive Systems Research Center.

My research interests are in the areas of assistive technology and STEM engagement. I am part of a research team working to create a living laboratory in the form of a youth-run 3D print shop at the Digital Harbor Foundation in Baltimore, Maryland. Through this research we hope to better understand the impact that Maker employment has on youth attitudes toward STEM fields, Making, and future technical employment.

I have had the opportunity to work on several other research projects at UMBC. These projects have explored 1) the use of 3D printing as a means to engage underrepresented students in STEM, 2) mobile navigation aids for individuals who are blind, and 3) design considerations for medication management systems for individuals who are blind.

Recent News

  1. Paper submission – "Shifting Expectations: Understanding Youth Employees' Handoffs in a 3D Print Shop" – with collaborators Foad Hamidi, Wayne Lutters, and Amy Hurst accepted to CSCW 2018!
  2. Poster submission – "Understanding How Youth Employees Use Slack in a 3D Print Shop" – with collaborators Darius McCoy, Shawn Grimes, Steph Grimes, Foad Hamidi, Wayne Lutters, and Amy Hurst accepted to CSCW 2018! 
  3. I will be attending the CSCW 2018 doctoral consortium!